Zen Wars


Zen Wars offers a multitude of weapons for you to destroy your enemy, whether you opt for the inexpensive standard cannon that can destroy a wall piece per shot, or one of the more exotic weapons such as the laser cannon, which destroys everything along its path, including your own walls! Whatever your style, Zen Wars has the weapons for you. Don’t place too many cannons though, or you might just run out of space for your repairs.


Use your cannons to destroy Lord Evilz’ army. You’ll be facing huns, warriors, giant pandas, and maybe even Lord Evilz himself! Your firing time is limited, so choose carefully at what you shoot, every shot counts! Take on “friends” in multiplayer mode and blow holes in their fortifications to ensure their demise.

Complete a level by reaching the victory conditions. This can be anything from surviving 12 rounds of onslaught to blowing up all bridges that Lord Evilz has set up across a river. Your statistics are tracked to show you how well you’re doing.


While you were busy firing at the enemy, he fired back… Don’t worry though, you have time repair your walls using the provided wall repair pieces. Position them carefully to fully surround at least one of your castles. The more castles you surround, the more cannon building points you’ll receive to place new and better cannons. Be careful, you only have a limited time to repair your walls. Fail, and one of your 3 lives will be lost.

Survival Mode

Unlock survival mode levels by progressing in campaign mode. Survival mode allows you to replay levels endlessly, with ever more difficult waves of enemies coming to get you. Earn points for each enemy you destroy and each round you survive, then compare your score with millions of Game Center players world wide, or challenge your friends to beat your survival mode score!


Compete with your friends in multiplayer mode: Up to 3 people can real time battle for map domination! Supports local mode via WiFi and BlueTooth as well as global games with anyone via Game Center (iOS 4.1 and above required). Taunt your enemies with the built in voice chat system! Play a quick sudden death game or an epic 3 life battle. Even works with heavy lag.


Game Center achievements offer additional rewards for dedicated players. Show off your Zen Master award by defeating Lord Evilz without losing a single life. Prove your skills by defeating 50 players in multiplayer mode and earn the Art of War badge.

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